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Insurance Agents are Always Helping.

Stop for a minute and think: How many people did you help today?

Guilford Youth Mentoring

Mentoring makes all the difference to a young person as they are growing and forming their value system. We are pleased to say that our employees dedicate at least one hour per week to mentoring Guilford youth. We’re investing in our community. Are you interested? Please hover on the picture to read what Barbara Solomon, director of Guilford Youth Mentoring, has to say about The Stone Agency or click here to email her about mentoring

United Way

When things out of our control happen, as insurance agents, we help people get their lives back in order. But we don’t stop there, we also help people through the United Way.

Guilford Foundation

A simple mission that we support: Connect those who can with agencies that help.

Shoreline Chamber of Commerce


“Shop and Eat Local” is the start of a long running relationship between our community’s residents and shop keepers, restaurant and business owners. Both Doug and Rob are vibrant members at The Chamber.

Guilford Food Bank

Insurance Agents help communities put themselves back together after a storm. The Red Cross helps feed everyone and clean up the mess. But what happens if a job has been lost and there are no relatives to help?

We join with the Food Bank while we say, “We can help.”

Guilford Arts Alliance

Team Joey


Joey Conover is one of our favorite people. We always support his athletic endeavors and cheered him on at his latest run in September at Hammonassett State Park.